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Erasmus+ Program:

  • mobility of students in vocational training (KA1)
  • mobility of vocational training staff (KA1)
  • vocational training strategic partnerships (KA2)
  • adult learning strategic partnerships (KA2)
  • sector skill alliance (EACEA)
  • youth exchanges (KA1)
  • youth mobility (KA1)
  • European Voluntary Service (EVS)
  • strategic partnerships, capacity building in the youth field (KA2)

Youth in Action Program:

  • youth exchanges
  • youth initiatives
  • Youth Democracy Projects
  • European Voluntary Service (EVS)
  • training of youth workers and facilitating their networking

Leonardo da Vinci Program:

  • vocational mobility projects (IVT, PLM and VETPRO)
  • innovation projects (DoI and ToI)

European (ESF&ERDF) and national call for proposals

Our specialists have participated in the following calls for proposals and national key project as an expert, consultant or project manager:

  • CORPORATE RDI_16 Supporting R&D&I activities of companies
  • VKE_17 Competitiveness and excellence collaborations
  • GINOP-2.2.1-15 R&D competitiveness and excellence
  • GINOP-2.1.2-8.1.4-16 Supporting R&D&I activities of companies with grant and loan
  • GINOP-2.1.1-15 Supporting R&D&I activities of companies
  • GINOP-5.1.7-17 Supporting Social Enterprises
  • GINOP-5.2.4-16 Training program for supporting career starters
  • GINOP-6.2.3-17 Comprehensive development of the vocational training institution system
  • EFOP-3.1.2-16 Preparation of teachers to prevent early school leaving
  • TÁMOP-2.2.2-12 Development of the national career guidance system
  • TÁMOP-2.2.7 B Pilot project for dual vocational education and training
  • TÁMOP 2.1.3 Supporting of job trainings in SMEs and large enterprises
  • TÁMOP 2.2.4-11 Cross-border cooperation in vocational training and adult education
  • TÁMOP 2.3.2-09 Developing labor market forecasts
  • TÁMOP-2.3.6 Supporting young people becoming entrepreneurs
  • TÁMOP 2.6.2-12 Strengthening the capacity of NGOs providing labor market services
  • TÁMOP 2.1.2-12 Development of foreign language and IT competencies
  • TÁMOP 2.2.1-12 Development of quality and content of vocational training and adult education

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