5+1 steps to became an EVS volunteer

Be a volunteer they said, just a waste of time, they said.

Don’t believe them!

Be a volunteer they said, just a waste of time, they said. Don’t believe them!

As the world changes, also the importance of volunteer work is uprising fast. The good old fashioned “only work for money” is already out of scope and year by year more young people choose to volunteer, to fill a gap year with voluntary work. Frankly I have never met anyone who regret those choises moreover, when it came to the labor market, studies show that companies are more likely to hire employees with a volunteer experience.

So Erasmus+ program and its precessors created a program called European Voluntary Service thus providing young people to live and volunteer abroad maximum for a year. They provide you grant for travel and “pocket money”, because let’s face it, it is not about earning a loads of money, but the experience totally worth it.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Look for a hosting organization by locationa or topic. Whether if you like working in dog shelters in Spain or you are good at graphic design in Bulgaria or want to get involved in elderly care in Greece, go for it.
  2. Read carefully the description of daily tasks and of the organization. Try to compose amotivation letter that is tailor made for the organization. Also, if you have, just send them your CV as well.
  3. Meanwhile you wait for the answer, in your home country, get in touch with asending organization who will help you prepare for your voluntary service and do some administrative things that you probably won’t want to.
  4. Be flexible on the answers: some of the organization won’t answer you, some of themwill. Maybe you won’t get answer from your favourite one, but be open minded to other options as well. You can never know:)
  5. Now, you have the answer, get ready but still be patient. The organization needs tosubmit the application for the European Commission, and it has deadlines and also a few months to wait until the result come up.
  6. The results are out, and hopefully you are free to start your volunteer experience! Beprepared of months that will change your life, gives an intercultural and unforgattable experience where you can learn and teach at the same time! Enjoy!

About the eligiblity and deadlines and other questions, just contact us, we are happy to guide you to your EVS experience.

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