Which Erasmus+ programme should I choose?

First, let’s start with the options that Erasmus+

Programme can offer you. As it is the EU Program for education, training, youth and sport it has different areas of focus, so called Key Activities. Depending the field that you are interested in, there are three of them.

Key Activity 1: Learning mobility for individuals

The focus is on the mobilities of the participants. Beneficiaries can be youth workers, teachers, lecturers, student from universities and from vocational institutions. Also it includes the programme called “European Voluntary Service” which gives opportunity for young people to volunteer a year abroad. The beneficiaries of this program can be also non EU countries, such as Turkey, Serbia an FYROM.

These Key Activity the biggest “pocket” out of the three key activities (63% out of the total funds of Erasmus+)

Deadlines for submitting the projects: only for vocational institutions: 1st of February, the rest of the applications has 3 deadlines per year: 15th of February, 26th of April and 4th of October, 2018.

Key Activity 2: Cooperation for innovation and exchanges of good practices

This key activity focuses on strategic partnership, mostly between youth, training or education related organization and other relevant actors in various field, but all related to youth and education.

Also, in Knowledge Alliances and Sector Skill Alliances these organizations are eligible to apply together with business and entreprises to create a joint cooperation.

Deadlines for submission: for higher institutions, vocational institutions and education related institutions can apply until the 21st of March. The rest of the applicants have three deadlines a year: 15th of February, 26th of April and 4th of October, 2018.

Key Activity 3: Support from policy reform

The third Key Activity aims to bring closer the education related stakeholders and start policy dialogue between countries and international organizations.

Deadlines for submission: like the other programs above, it has three annual deadlines: 15th of February, 26th of April and 4th of October, 2018.

There is two more subprograms that worth to check out:

  • The Jean Monnet funds for association and institutions to enhance trainings of EUsubject areas and contribute in EU integration processes.
  • Sport: the final goal is to provide equal access to all sport activities and thusintegrating sport activities into curriculas.

If you have any project idea, or already you are looking for a partner in the realization phase, contact us! We believe with our knowledge and expertise we can build a successful cooperation with your organization.