Brace yourself, Autumn is coming!

Arbor Talent not only cares about tree and (personal) growth by its name, but now we managed to stay true to our name and take a good care of nature.

As a responsible and conscious company, we have always considered it important to deal

with institutions and organizations that really need our support. Today, CSR Corporate Social Responsability appears in the everyday life of every major company. That’s being said, we also grabbed a hoe and a rake to work for it. For us, CSR is not only a trendy, fashionable term, but also an attitude and priority. Volunteering is not far from us either, as this is how all of our staff began their “conquest journey” through educational programs and projects.

Through the collaboration organized by the BNI 305 Group, all the members of it, business owners, executives and representatives and we, among others, decided to act for a good cause. We helped the Cseppkő Children’s Home Center and its huge garden to make it as beautiful as we can, together. We were glad to be able to take part in this kind of a close-to-nature program, as a result of which not only did we get fresh air, but the young people living there could already enjoy their outdoor activities in an orderly environment.

Of course, the joint work was done voluntarily and the goal now was not to be able to develop new deals and business collaborations, but to be able to help a local community.

Participants, including us, feel obligated to publish about such movements, thereby encouraging more and more enterprises in the market to take responsibility and provide selfless care and help to the ones in need.

Thank you for the opportunity!