Online Career Choice Festival in November!

“What are your plans?” Isn’t it a quite familiar question? We, here at Arbor Talent, encounter this dilemma almost every day. Between November 2 and 6 among many other professionals, we also hold an online workshop at the “Take control!” Online Career Festival that will hopefully help navigating young people, parents and teachers in the maze of the future.

Stay home or abroad? Go to university or just find your first job? We are looking for answers to these questions with the help of more than 20 career counselors at the Online Career Choice Festival presented by Orientify. Due to the COVID19 situation, it will be an unusual event, as you can listen to the lectures online from anywhere in the country. We are extremly happy that we can also present a workshop for the participants, nevertheless it is challenging to go online.

The participants will get practical help from real experts, as well as they can get familiar with countless majors, institutions and scholarship opportunities. In addition, we will be searching for answers to the following questions in those upcoming 5 days:

  • Finding the “right”profession
  • Finding the “right” career path?
  • Career and financial planning

In addition to students, of course, we are welcoming teachers, parents and career advisor professionals, because we believe that everyone can get the information they need at this conference.

It is important that, as a responsible adult, they will be able to answer questions about career choices with sufficient knowledge. As we know, this is always one of the biggest questions for students year after year. Whether it’s financial issues, student work, digitization, self-knowledge, and foreign scholarship applications, we’re sure you’ll find the topic and speakers that work best for you.

Our workshop is on the 5ht of November 5 and we couldn’t be more honored to present it, We will talk about the scholarships and opportunities offered by Erasmus +, which are not just for university students.

Unfortunately all the sessions only available in Hungarian, but soon, we are coming to conquer the international levels as well! Keep updated with us!