Life at Arbor Talent after the pandemic

Everyone was hit by this “surprise”, and everyone’s plans were overturned by the quarantine. For weeks , better to say for months our “normal” lifestyle change and still keeps on changing. Travel restrictions, economic downturns and the beginning of a new “era” with masks and social distancing. It affected us too, but with renewed vigor and hopes, we are here again!

Most of our projects kept us busy at the beginning of the year: organizing and conducting multi-week internships at home and abroad, logistics for international teacher training, communication with foreign partner organizations. Then, as, everywhere in the world, Erasmus + mobility projects stopped abruptly, and it was no longer possible to travel. We were challenged on several fronts, but we did not give up. Until the travel restrictions were lifted, we threw ourselves into the online space and looked for new ways to learn and develop: we worked on digital tools, new digital curricula, involved new partners in these collaborations, and we maybe even started to enjoy this kind of slower life. We have improved our processes, evaluated our results so far and also strengthened our vision for our long-term strategy.

Now that travel restrictions have been partially lifted and everyday life has been more or less restored, of course in a newly regulated environment, everything is back to normal at Arbor Talent. The internships will be available to our students again starting from September, and our collaborations with national and international educational institutions can finally continue.

They say: there is something good about everything bad. To prevent, or rather alleviate, the economic downturn that pandemic caused, there have been plenty of naitonally funded projects available to either individuals or SMEs, and we have decided to help. Due to our many years of professional experience in writing applications, we would like to support companies that are on the market and are now at a disadvantage. We would like to offer them new service packages in which we undertake project writing, administration and full support.

Continue to contact us anytime!