Our newest success story: Chiara, the costume tailor

We have shared with you many times stories about our happy and satisfied groups that we have received within the frame of Erasmus + KA1 Vocational Training Mobility Program, but this post will be something exceptional, we promise!

It was also a new situation for us that we welcomed only one student, but nevertheless, it was a huge success, indeed! Chiara came to us from Germany and she was lucky enough to spend a few weeks in Szolnok. She spent her internship with a small but famous costume designer and costume tailor company, where she could feel like home and where she was hardly allowed to leave because of her friendly nature and enthusiasm.

Her mentor considers Chiara a very talented young girl, who was an accurate and reliable member of the team and she needed only minor corrections and guidance. In addition to skirts and pants, she also made a corset which was a new experience for her. Who knows, maybe the next time we see her pieces of work on the actors and actresses of the local theater?

What is sure is that the host company and Chiara have had a great adventure together: for workplaces it is always a great learning opportunity when a foreign student comes to collaborate with them, and might as well the foreign students can face a lot of novelties and challenges during their internship: different work cultures, tastes, streets, language and costume tailoring- designing tricks.

If you are interested in this opportunity and you would like to provide your institution’s students with a similar experience, please do not hesitate to contact us. We send and receive students from all areas of Vocational Education and we are dedicated to make their internship experience professionally excellent and a forever lasting memory for the participants.