When tradition meets modernism – Lithuanian students in Budapest

And another one! Yep, we have successfully realised another professional VET mobility in Budapest and we have hosted 15 amazing ceramic and interior design students from Lithuania! As we expected they had wonderful time here and Erasmus+ once again, reached its very goal: the students have grown personally and professionally during these weeks!

But Erasmus+ it’s not just about working: during the 4 weeks of stay, they learned about the culture of Hungary and got to explore the beautiful sights and hidden gems of Budapest including Buda castle, Parliament, Margaret Island and met the traditional flavours of Hungary.

It can be summarised as a immerse experience for them as they seemed to learn a lot from the host company who provided them the internship. They had a suitable working environment and they had a clear idea about what they need to achieve. Well, no wonder, as we only work with dedicated tutors (cheers guys!). The students showed enthusiasm and curiosity for the entire period of their internship. They had a great time to learn about the lifestyle and how is the working culture here, in Budapest. The good thing, the learners never had to worry for a thing: as within the frame of Erasmus+ everything was provided to them including food and accommodation for the entire period of their internship.

The host companies were satisfied with the work of the students and so as the students. As an interior design and for the ceramic students Hungary was a real blast: the buildings of Andrássy avenue, the rich folk art of our country had a lot to add to their theorethical knowledge. At the beginning of their internship, all the host companies gave them detailed guidelines about the work they had to do, involved them in their day to day workloads and agenda and finally: they performed with exceeding expectations. In the end it was positive for both students and the host company to take part in this mobility. In the future we hope to have indulge more students  for Erasmus+ KA1 program and we cooperate with more and more hosting companies from every field of expertise.

Erasmus+ is a program that creates wonderful opportunity for the students giving them the chance to stay in another country and grow in their respective studying field and learn the culture and working environment on the side as well. Such mobility programs helps strengthening the moral fabric of the society and leaves a positive impact not only on the individulas, but on the local community. It also gives students the encouragement to go to another country for exchange programs and share their knowledge and culture from their countries.