Let’s grow together with KA1 – Slovakian VET Students’ mobility in Budapest and Dresden

Every beginning is hard, but it can also cause huge amount of joy – it has been proven well by the Erasmus+ KA1 mobility to the Slovakian VET students. Since we started our activities our primary goal is not just to write the application but also realise these international mobilities. Thus, we could gather professional

experience, personal commitment and we could provide an unforgettable internship for VET students! Last year we submitted a successful application for a Slovakian VET school and after winning the grant, we organised for them a 3 week internship program abroad.

One group of student was gaining new professional insights in Germany, getting more knowledge about new methods and business management in hospitality. Also these youngsters had to opportunity to explore more about themselves as well, living by their own. The other part of the students came here to Budapest to get things done in a car mechanic company where mentors helped them along the way. Every feedback that we got, every work diary that we red clearly show us how they developed day by day, as in professional and personal context. For them it was a new type of challenge, because they had to manage their life abroad, in a new workplace, they had to fit in new working culture. In their free time they could enjoy as well: sightseeing tour, hiking, wondering around, trying different flavours made them relaxed for the weekends. After 3 weeks every students were evaluated personally and all of them got a Europass Mobility Document that later on can help them in finding jobs either at their hometown or abroad.

For us, for the team of Arbor Talent it was a great pleasure and experience to cooperate with the management of the school and with the participants of the mobility. Our intention was to provide them an unforgettable and excellent mobility that holds value and quality and can affect their life positively. After these successful mobility we are planning to continue the cooperation and we keep growing with the help of our new partners and collaborators! Come with us and let’s partner up!