SKILLCO Conference in Brussels

From 10 to 11 April 2019 the SKILLCO consortium made its next stop in Brussels, where the European umbrella organization FIEC was host of the third conference and the sixth project partner meeting. We also participated in this event.

The SKILLCO project is coordinated by the Chamber of Construction and Building Materials Industry of Slovenia (CCIS CCBMIS), gathers social partners organisations and training providers from Germany, Hungary and Slovenia, as well as FIEC (European Construction Industry Federation), the EU umbrella organisation for employers’ in the construction industry.

The main goals of the project is to define and identify existing and anticipated skill needs, to elaborate and define learning units, with the use of ECVET principles, that could be integrated in formal VET programmes or used as training courses.

The SKILLCO project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. It is a centralized action, the so called Sector Skill Alliance. This kind of international projects only awarded when they aim to identify/create/interpret a professional curriculum that are based on existing or on-demand competences in various economical sector. In SKILLCO they focus on the transfer of knowledge and skills of VET workforce in construction.

We are proud that Arbor Talent Ltd. could join this project, where we evaluate the implementation of the entire project and we assist in the smooth realisation: including keeping deadlines, ensuring the quality of professional materials and following the EU rules and regulations.

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