Erasmus+ project implementation, dealing with Covid-19 issues – Webinar organised by ECE Ireland and WBS Training

On 09.03.2021 we participated on the webinar: „Erasmus+ project implementation − dealing with Covid-19 issues“ organised by ECE IRELAND and WBS TRAINING, Germany. Participants of the webinar were project implementers themselves: sending and hosting organisations, and intermediaries from all around Europe.

Focusing on the reopening of Europe, and the possible continuing of pending Erasmus+ KA1 projects we focused on the following two topics:

  • Necessary measures before arrival to prevent spread of Covid-19
  • Management of potential Covid-19 emergencies

The webinar proved to be very valuable for all the participants, we will definitely be able to build in the ideas in our activities. Beside these practical issues we are happy to be part of an active Erasmus community.

The webinar took place in the WBS LearnSpace 3D® which is a promising tool for online education, and gave a special atmosphere to the webinar.  WBS offers the use of the WBS LearnSpace for free for public schools, schools in Germany, and also for international schools.

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