General information about Arbor Talent courses

Thank you for considering Arbor Talent courses!

In this document we summarise all the information you need about administrative issues connected to your participation in our course.

1. Course fee

Arbor Talent will charge you for a 5-day course 400 euros per participant. The courses have a fixed price. The fixed price does not concern special courses tailored for schools/consortia.

This course fee can be paid from the course fee heading received as a part of your Erasmus+ grant: 80 euro per day.

Non-Erasmus+ participants are also welcome under the same conditions.

2. Additional costs not covered by course fee

Travel costs

Erasmus+ grant budget includes travel costs. The amount is calculated based on the distance that you need to travel from your home place to the course.

NB! Travel insurance and social security is your responsibility.

Arbor Talent is not liable for any expenses caused by a case of force majeure.

Accommodation and meals

The individual support received in your grant covers the costs of your stay in hotel and meals. The amount depends on your target country.

You may decide to organise your own accommodation and meals, but also, we are pleased to help you finding the services fitting your requirements. If you require our assistance, please contact us ASAP for our price offer.

Cultural activities

Our cultural activities are optional. We can provide you cultural program in Budapest for your request which can be paid from the individual support or the organisational support heading of your grant. If you consider participating, please contact us for program offer and price offer.

3. Billing procedure

About 4-6 weeks before the start of each course Arbor Talent will send the invoice by mail to the sending school contact person or to the participants.

For the preparation of invoice, we will need:

  • Name of the sending institution
  • Billing address
  • EU VAT number (if available)

Invoices have to be paid for all teachers 3-4 weeks before the training course.

Important for schools from countries outside the eurozone: if you have more participants, please pay for all participants with one bank transfer. The bank will charge you for each transaction and individual bills will be more expensive for you. The costs of the transaction of both the payer and the recipient (Arbor Talent) are to be taken care of by the payer.

Note: In case you cancel their participation after paying the fee, Arbor Talent charges the transaction costs of the reimbursement.

Arbor Talent does not accept cash payments. Please contact Arbor Talent administration well on time and ask for billing requirements.

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